The self-cleaning and packing cat litter box.Β 

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Ultra-Secure Safety Protection

The safety protection system has 7 sensors to detect the movements and weight changes of your cats.

Smarter Pet Care

Manage your Furbulous Box via Furbulous App. Monitor your cats’ weight changes and behavioral habits after every use.

Easy Disposal of Unwanted Litter

The movable entrance door and built-in Mobius-strip-inspired litter tunnel allow you to empty all unwanted cat litter with just one click.

Compatible with All Clumping Litter

Furbulous offers you one of the best ways to save money and time as a cat parent.

Auto-pack and seal

Pack the waste inside the trash box anytime you want. You can wait for the "trash box full" alert or any time after cleaning. Used litter are sealed inside the trash box.


Clean by globe cycling and filtering. Smart cleaning ensures a healthy and clean bed of litter for your cat.

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More Than Auto-cleaning. It Packs, Seals, and Refills the Trash Bag.


How Does Furbulous Box Work?