Clean, Pack, Seal, Refill

Furbulous Box ensures a clean bed of litter for your cats by filtering the unwanted litter automatically after every use.

The built-in auto-packing system packs and seals the used trash bag for you. It also refills new trash bag after taking out the trash.

anti-pinch design

device stops when cat around

Smarter Pet Care

Manage your Furbulous Box via Furbulous App. Monitor your cats’ weight changes and behavioral habits after every use.

Visualized weekly and monthly insights allow you to identify any irregularities in your furriends.

Easy Disposal of Unwanted Litter

The movable entrance door and built-in Mobius-strip-inspired litter tunnel allow you to empty all unwanted cat litter with just one click. The globe, filter screen, and litter mat are easy to disassemble and can be washed with running water. 

Compatible with All Clumping Litter

Furbulous offers you one of the best ways to save money and time as a cat parent.

The shell-shaped filter screen is compatible with all kinds of clumping cat litter. The filter screen only removes clumps and preserves clean litter for the next use.

* Longer the wait time before cleaning in Furbulous App if you are using low-quality clumping litter or your cat is experiencing diarrhea.