Furbulous "Box+Cube"


Furbulous Box+Furbulous Cube

The self-cleaning and packing cat litter box. For cats.

The Ultrafiltration Water Dispenser. (316 Stainless Steel Tray is included.)



Clean, pack, seal, and refillSmart cleaning ensures a healthy and clean bed of litter for your cat by globe cycling and filtering. Pack the waste inside the trash box anytime you want. You can wait for the "trash box full" alert after cleaning. Get sealed inside the trash box. The waste won't be exposed to the open air when pulled out of the trash box, preventing odor, mildew, and molds. Removing the packed trash will refill a new trash bag for you, which frees your hands and keeps odor away.

 Why self-packing and sealing are essential? We think auto-packing is crucial because giving people hands-free solutions is not the only thing we should care about. But to provide a healthier environment for cats using the litter box daily. The trash box of a traditional auto-cleaning cat litter box holds used litter for up to 7 or even more days. The used litter in the trash box promotes the growth of deadly aflatoxin mold in cats and surrounding areas. The technology of packing and sealing inside the trash box will avoid any of those concerns.

The ultrafiltration tech used is top-tier, reaching the same standards as human drinking water systems with separated water tank and electrical parts. No more basic filters—Furbulous Cube removes impurities, furs, and food leftovers, ensuring your pet gets the cleanest drink.

Why Water Fountain? In the wild, cats prefer running water sources over stagnant water in order to avoid potential contaminants. A water fountain mimics this instinctual preference, making it more appealing to them

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