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Our life becomes better with pets.

At Furbulous Pet Supply, we aim to build innovative, caring, and easy pet-parenting solutions. Our core value is providing ways for pet parents to understand their pets better.

Furbulous online store was founded by like-minded individuals, a group of professionals who are also pet parents in search of the best pet products in the market. After thorough research, we decide to do it on our own! By developing brilliant pet products and accessories, we guarantee that every single purchase you make here will lead to a pleasant experience from start to finish. 


We aim to build innovative, caring, and easy pet-parenting solutions for animal caregivers to ensure our pets live a healthy life. However, we are also fully aware that there are many stray pets out there who live homelessly. That is also why we want to support PIPER HELPING PAWS, a non-profit animal rescue organization in this crowdfunding project.


We are always looking for possible opportunities to do more for these little cute creatures. Since the beginning of this crowdfunding project, we have received numerous emails from cat rescue organizations inquiring about Furbulous Box. Thus, we decided to start a program for all the non-profit cat rescue organizations.


If you run a non-profit stray cat organization in the countries that we can ship to, please simply contact us at with up-to-date government-issued proof from your country’s Department of Tax-Exempt Service, such as the IRS in the United States. The proof should show clearly that your organization is conducting public service and receiving donations/contributions. In this way, we will be able to provide you with a special discount on the Furbulous Box. After the campaign ends, we will continue to sell the Furbulous Box at our official website The offer will stay the same if you continue to order.


For those who are not owners of stray cat organizations, please help us spread this information to the rescue orgs you know if possible so that they can also enjoy the convenience of an automatic litter box.


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